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Dental care can make a huge difference in your teeth’s appearance and general health. If you suffer from a dental problem, it’s necessary to take care of it as soon as possible. If you have had a deep tooth cavity and it’s no longer treatable, you may require a root canal treatment. And even if you’re ready for the procedure, you must wonder how long it will take before you feel like yourself again? So it is important to discover everything you need to know about expediting root canal recovery. Continue reading to learn how to boost your recovery after a root canal treatment.

8 Important Root Canal Recovery Tips

  1. Take pain medication

When the anesthetic from the root canal procedure decreases, you may feel a little pain and discomfort in your jaws and gum. Taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medication such as ibuprofen (or whatever your dentist prescribes) makes your recovery as comfortable as possible before that happens.

Pain Medication After Root Canal Ibuprofen

If your dentist prescribes any antibiotics, ensure that you take the course as directed until they’re all gone.

  1. Keep your head elevated & don’t eat right away

You may have some pain and swelling around your mouth after your procedure. To minimize the pain and keep this under control, try to keep your head elevated by avoiding lying down as much as possible. You can also try adding another pillow while sleeping so that your head’s a little elevated for the first few days. In addition to this, make sure you avoid eating until the numbness goes away because if you’ve just had a root canal treatment, you can expect some sensitivity to hot and cold.

  1. Eat ice cream or use a cold compress

After your root canal treatment, you should prefer eating ice cream (yes, you read that right). Ice cream helps keep down inflammation and ward off infection, making your recovery quicker.

root canal recovery

But if in case ice cream’s not your thing, it’s good to use a cold compress for about 12-15 minutes a few times a day for the first few days following the procedure.

  1. Avoid anything that could cause inflammation

Some inflammation can occur as a bruise or injury where the root canal procedure is done. It is essential not to do things that can increase inflammation even more.

Actions that may cause pressure and irritation on the site that result in inflammation are:

Using the medications recommended to you by your dentist can reduce inflammation. You can also hold an ice pack against your cheek in the vicinity of the root canal site to reduce inflammation’s heat.

  1. Gargle warm saltwater

One of the biggest risks after a root canal treatment is that the gum surrounding your tooth can become infected, which may cause considerable pain. Regularly gargling with slightly warm salty water helps keep your mouth clean and fend off infection to continue your recovery.

If you take good care of yourself, you’ll be back up and running in no time after your root canal.

  1. Sleep well

Sufficient sleep is necessary for fast healing. All your cells work overtime when you sleep to repair damaged cells and tissues. If you take over-the-counter pain medicines. It’s best to stay off your feet by avoiding driving right after the procedure and getting quality rest by taking time off from work. It is wise to plan your root canal procedure on the weekend.

Even a successful root canal procedure can cause mild discomfort for a few days. However, the pain will fade with proper oral hygiene, nutrition, and rest. But, if the discomfort continues beyond three days, schedule a follow-up visit to your dentist immediately.

  1. Plan a Recovery Period

Like any other surgical procedure, your body requires some rest to optimize your healing. Dentists mostly recommend taking it easy for at least the remainder of the day and night of your root canal procedure.

After the root canal treatment, plan to relax for 24 hours if possible. Recovery time varies from patient to patient for every medical procedure, but most people can go back to their average activity level the day after root canal therapy.

However, don’t depend on doing so because it’s best to have a restful day instead of pushing yourself to do regular or strenuous activities if you wake up feeling less than 100%.

  1. Call your dentist if you’re worried

In the unexpected event that your symptoms are more severe than usual or they aren’t going away, it’s worth giving your dentist a call. You can discuss whether you experience excessive bleeding, severe pain, swelling, fever, or reaction to any medication with your dentist. Your recovery can almost certainly be quick and painless if you take care of yourself properly.

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Know that a root canal treatment is an investment for your body and can help maintain your smile for many years to come. While a few people feel scared about root canal recovery. Most are fine after resting for a few days and then returning to normal.

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