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Dr. Alex Boson

Dentist Dr. Alex Boson grew up in the rural town of Marshfield, WI. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 2014 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Boson also went on to receive his Masters of Science in 2017 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He then completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2021. He got his start at Le Sueur family dental as an Associate.

Being a recent graduate, dentist Dr. Boson is up to date on the latest dental research and strives to achieve excellence in the field by using the latest techniques and technology from his continuing education.

Understanding each patient’s unique circumstances is the key to developing a comprehensive personalized dental plan.

A smile can change your day. Patients are much more than just their teeth, as dentistry extends far past the dental chair. Research has shown dentistry can have a large impact on one’s overall health which is why Dr. Boson focuses on restoring not just the teeth but a person’s confidence in their smile and improving their overall health care.

Dr. Boson is a member of the Minnesota Dental Association and American Dental Association and specializes in the following procedures: tooth colored fillings, endodontics (root canals), crowns, veneers, whitening, extractions and removable prosthetics (dentures and night/sports guards), and more…

During his free time Dr. Boson enjoys reading, golf, tennis, wakeboarding and hiking.

Local dentist Dr. Alex Boson

Dr. David Tycast

Local dentist Dr. Tycast

Dentist Dr. David Tycast grew up in St. Francis, MN, north of Minneapolis. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Saint Louis University in 2002. He completed his dental studies at University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2007. 

Dentist Dr. Tycast believes in the importance of continuing his education and keeping up with the latest developments in dental research and technology in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive, up-to-date dental care possible. He likes to think of his practice as high-tech dentistry with a small-town mentality.

One of the reasons Dr. Tycast is such a passionate dentist because he values the interaction with patients and their families and the importance of maintaining good health.  He truly does believe that a smile is the most important thing you wear so it is his goal to make all of his patients smile again.

The dental services he specializes include: tooth colored fillings, crowns and veneers, implant placement and restoration, endodontics (root canals), extractions, teeth whitening, sleep apnea devices, and removable devices (dentures, night guards and sports guards).

He has adopted one of the community parks to help maintain and keep clean along with planting flowers and maintaining the Veterans of War Memorial.

In his free time Dr. Tycast enjoys spending time with his wife and three young children and finding joy in all the time they have together.  Hobbies include golf, skiing, any outdoor activity and coming up with new and fun ways to make his kids smile! Family is one of the most important things in his life.

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