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Pediatric Dentistry In New Prague, MN

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Pediatric dentistry is a specialized field of dentistry that focuses on the oral health of children from infancy to adolescence. It is important for children to receive proper dental care early on in life to prevent dental problems and promote healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
At Dental On First, we are committed to providing the best possible care for your child’s dental health. Our team of dental experts is dedicated to creating a welcoming and safe environment for your child, so they can feel comfortable and at ease during their dental visits.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry refers to the practice of caring for the oral health and hygiene of children from their infancy to their adolescent years. Pediatric dentists are specifically trained to care for children’s teeth, mouth, and gums as all these develop throughout their growth.
Pediatric dentistry plays a vital role in properly developing your child’s teeth and oral hygiene habits. When it comes to oral health, the best time to introduce it to your child is as early as possible.
Dentists believe that oral health care should be a priority for children right from the start, even when they haven’t experienced the growth of their milk teeth. A pediatric dentist can protect your child against oral health diseases and tooth decay that can lead to lifelong problems and complications.

Dental On First’ Pediatric Dentistry Services

Pediatric dentistry services offered at Dental On First emphasize extensive oral health care.
Regular Checkups
Regular dental visits play an integral role in correctly developing your child’s teeth. The importance of routine dental examinations must be addressed. Most of the time, a thorough examination of your child’s oral cavity is the best precautionary measure.
A specialized dentist can detect any problems quickly and provide you with a list of preventative measures to recover any damage they see. Our pediatric dentist can also recommend any dietary changes to cure the problem.
Dental Sealants
It is a common saying in the medical field that prevention is better than cure. This holds most true when it comes to dental sealants. Dental sealants are thin, white coatings made of plastic fixed to the teeth’ top.
Sealants are highly effective at preventing cavities. Grooves and cracks appear naturally on children’s teeth while growing up. These grooves and fissures are most susceptible to cavities. The plastic coating of dental sealants ensures that the cavities that occur in naturally created grooves and pits of our teeth do not happen.
Regular Cleaning
Plaque and other debris are frequently found in children, often at higher rates than in adults. This is because children are more exposed to oral bacteria, emphasizing the importance of their vigilant oral hygiene habits. Pediatric dentistry plays a crucial role in ensuring that regular cleanings, as recommended by dentists, are implemented to safeguard and maintain optimal oral health for children.
Dental Fillings
Tooth decay and cavities are amongst the most chronic health problems experienced by children these days. These decayed and cavity-filled teeth are left untreated due to negligence. This can cause severe issues going forward, along with causing discomfort and illness.
Dental fillings help prevent such problems and restore normal function to your child’s oral cavity. Other services offered under pediatric dentistry include:
  •   Dental X-rays.
  •   Root canal procedure for kids.
  •   General anesthesia.
  •   Emergency dental care.
  •   Stainless steel crowns.
  •  Fluoride treatment.

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

Oral problems are becoming just as much of a common fixture among children as they are in adults. Proper and accurate dental care should start at a young age. This will help inculcate oral hygiene habits from an early age that will help create beautiful and healthy smiles.
Pediatric dentistry has several advantages that your little ones can benefit from in long-term.

Primary Tooth Care

Many parents believe that providing professional dental care to their child's primary teeth is less important; they will eventually fall off to give way to permanent teeth.
That is not true.
Your child's primary teeth require as much care as their permanent teeth. Tooth pain and cavities can also occur in primary teeth, and a pediatric dentist knows how to deal with them efficiently.

Warm, Welcoming & Kid-Friendly

Let's be honest. Going to a dentist is not much fun. For kids, especially, a dentist's office can seem pretty scary. The strange smell, the scary-looking sharp and suggestive stainless steel dental tools, and the staff members in masks can be terrifying for a child.
It is enough to prevent a child from going to the dentist again. Our pediatric dentist ensures that every child feels safe and provides your child with a warm and welcoming environment.

Banishing Dental Fear

While taking your child to a dentist from a young age is beneficial for them, it is important to note that the experience they have as a child will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It will also determine how they feel about all future dental visits. Adults who dislike going to the dentist often attest it to a bad childhood experience at a dental clinic.
It’s the topmost priority of our dental team to ensure that little ones feel more comfortable. This helps in setting a healthy foundation for future dental visits. It will also help banish any fears the child has about dentists so that they do not have to miss out on proper oral care as an adult.

Specialized in Childhood Habits and Oral Health Issues

Pediatric dentists are aware of all the childhood habits that can affect the proper development of your child's teeth, such as using a pacifier, sucking the thumb, grinding teeth, etc. These habits can result in dental complications during the teenage years or adult life.
Our dentists predict patterns for these habits and can recommend how best to avoid these habits to ensure proper tooth development. Because of their specialization, pediatric dentists can safely overcome these habits by giving creative solutions.

Meet Your Dentist

Dr. David Tycast earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Saint Louis University in 2002 and completed his dental studies at University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 2007.
Committed to staying current in his field, Dr. Tycast prioritizes continuing education and utilizing the latest dental technology for comprehensive care. He values personal connections with patients and their families and aims to promote good health and confident smiles.
Dr. Tycast’s passion for dentistry stems from the joy of interacting with patients and improving their oral health. He believes that a smile is the most important accessory and strives to bring smiles to all his patients’ faces.

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We understand that the first dental visit can be a significant milestone, and we are committed to making it a wholesome and reassuring experience.

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