Every year, around 15 million root canal treatments are carried out in the USA. Additionally, 87% of Americans wish they had been more conscious about dental care. However, lapses happen, and factors like poor oral hygiene, deep cavities, cracks, and pulp infection might need you to undergo a root canal treatment. The procedure might be performed in one or multiple sittings, depending on the condition of the tooth. 

While Root canal healing time usually ranges from a couple of days to a week, this article can help you get back to everyday life fast with the most effective root canal recovery tips.  

10 Tips for Root Canal Recovery

Wait to eat anything right after the root canal procedure. You should wait for a few hours (or as per your dentist’s directions) and wait until your mouth no longer feels numb. This way, you can avoid biting your tongue or scraping the inside of your cheeks.

Once ready to eat, choose soft foods to speed up the root canal recovery process. Ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, milkshakes, mashed potatoes, lukewarm soups, milk, and eggs are safe options. Ice cream can reduce inflammation. You can also opt for hummus, applesauce, bananas, or pudding. 

Avoid hot, spicy, complex, and chewy foods, including candy, gum, chips, nuts, and crunchy fruits and veggies. These can irritate the procedure site, damage the tooth, or encourage the growth of bacteria. You should also avoid using straws while drinking something, as these can cause bleeding. Don’t chew with the side of your mouth where the root canal is done. 




One of the best ways to minimize the healing time after a root canal is by getting ample rest. Try to stay home at least for a few days. Sleep as much as you can, and keep your head elevated to reduce the pain in the treated area. Avoid distractions and curtail gadget time. You can also press an ice pack wrapped in a soft towel against your cheek for a maximum of 20 minutes. Give a 20-minute break between consecutive applications. 

Even if you are passionate about fitness, for speedy recovery after root canal, avoid exercising for at least a few days until your dentist gives you the nod to resume your usual routine. Working out too soon can make the treatment site ache or bleed. Even when you return to exercising, ask your dentist what is safe. Often, relaxed walking can get the ball rolling without causing undue stress. 

One of the best tips for fast recovery from a root canal involves gargling and rinsing with lukewarm salt water daily. This will soothe pain at the treatment site and prevent infections and swelling. 



The dentist might advise you to take certain pain medicines so that you feel comfortable even after the anesthesia wears off. Go for it if need be. Avoid taking random medications as you might not be aware of their side effects for your specific situation. 

If you have a temporary crown currently and are waiting for the dentist to fit the permanent one in a few days, check how it feels. Is there any irritation or pain when you bite down or eat something? Can you spot any swelling at the site? If so, get in touch with your dentist without delay. Doing this can help you reduce the root canal healing time once the permanent crown is placed and prevent issues that crop up due to unsuitable materials. 

Oral Hygiene

The pace of root canal recovery also depends on the oral hygiene you maintain after the procedure. You will be asked to rinse with salt water till the numbness of your mouth goes away. After that, you need to resume brushing and flossing. However, be extra gentle around the treatment site, especially if you have a temporary crown, so there is no risk of infection. 

Both alcohol and cigarettes can prolong the healing time after root canal. That is because alcoholic drinks thin your blood and might lead to excessive swelling, bleeding, or bruising. Smoking, on the other hand, hampers the flow of blood and makes it difficult for the treatment site to receive ample oxygen and nutrients. If you can’t kick these habits, avoid them for at least a few weeks. 

One of the most crucial root canal recovery tips is to pay attention to your mouth and contact the dentist if something feels off. If pain medications don’t seem practical, your swelling lasts for more than a day, or you feel severe pressure or pain that lingers for days, seek professional help. Watch out for allergic reactions such as hives, rashes, or itching caused by the prescribed medicines. Get medical aid if your pre-treatment symptoms return or the temporary crown gets dislodged. 

Recovery after a root canal can be smooth and fast if you follow the above-mentioned tips and visit your dentist for regular follow-ups. They can suggest changes or additions to your usual oral care routine, so you heal faster. You can also discuss any concerns during these visits to avoid unnecessary complications. 

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